In Casket

Traditional, in casket burials may strike some as a common occurrence at a funeral, but modern services allow you to customize how friends and families can remember and celebrate the life of those they held close.
From choosing the perfect casket to designing a funeral service around their wishes and personality, Hankins & Whittington Funeral Service can help you create the perfect memorial.

Professional Service for Traditional Burials

For a traditional, in casket burial, our advisors will assist you through the process and answer any questions you may have. The specialist will work closely with you to design a ceremony that both reflects and memorializes your loved one before the burial at the cemetery of their choice.

If you’ve decided to have a traditional in casket burial, we’ll work together to help you select the right casket, vault, and cemetery, that match your needs and values.

A Traditional Burial for Your Loved One

Choosing a burial service is a popular option for many, especially for those who lived their lives following tradition or religion. No matter your background or beliefs, we work hard to deliver the traditional burial that your loved one would’ve wanted.

Traditional, in casket burials can be designed to follow regular processions, complete with a viewing and funeral and can take place in a memorial chapel, church, or serene outdoor setting close to the cemetery of their choice.

A Relaxed Burial

If your loved one took a more casual approach to life, a more relaxed burial might serve them best. A traditional burial does not necessarily mean that a viewing is necessary, or that it even takes place in a chapel, church, temple or memorial hall.

Perhaps your loved one cherished their time at home amongst their friends and family. If so, a beautiful in-home memorial service may be the choice for them. Or, if there is another space that was close to their heart, the service can be held there. No matter your needs, our team of dedicated staff are here to help.

For information on how you can create a unique traditional burial service for your loved one, contact Hankins & Whittington Funeral Service today at (704) 218-9955​.